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thorities:— “Q●uery.—Are shipwrecks frequent on the coasts o■f Scotland and its islands?” “W■recks between the Firths of Forth and M●oray are more frequent than on any other par●t of the coast of Scotland. This may probably ●be accou

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nted for by the great number of vesse■ls passing and repassing along that co●ast. In the month of December 1799, a strong gal■e from the south-east occasioned s■erious disasters on these shores, when ●upwards

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of seventy sail were wrecked on the ●eastern coast of Scotland, and many ■of their crews perished. This lamen●table catastrophe was the means● of causing lifeboats upon Grea●thead’s plan to be fitted out at St. And●rews, Arbr


oath, Montrose, Aberde■en, Peterhead, and other places, w●hich have been found highly useful in saving t■he lives of mariners. This gale was also t■he immediate cause of the erection of the ●Bell Rock Lighthouse, which may ●be sai

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The largest, most complete selection life in cases of shipwreck on the coasts

d almost entirely to have prevented sh●ipwreck, so frequent in St. Andrews Bay and t●he entrance of the Firth of Forth in● general. 261 “From the Moray Firth along■ the shores of the mainland to ●the entrance of the Firth of Clyde, wrecks● cannot be said to be very freque

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nt●, although the navigation is rather difficul●t; but the safety of shipping on ●this coast depends upon the great ■number of excellent n


atural bays and harb■ours upon it. “In the Orkney and She●tland Islands few seasons pass ●without wrecks occurring. On the Lewis ■


and Western Hebrides shipwrecks frequen●tly occur.” “Query.—Are the coa■sts of Scotland in general well p●rovided with the means of


giving ass●istance in case of shipwreck, or are th■ey deficient in such provision?” “The coast● of Scotland is provided with ●

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